Friday, February 25, 2011

Birthday Road Trip

My friendly friend Zach and myself have back to back birthdays, so we decided to high-tale it out of town for a fun get away weekend. Where else would we go but to...LAS VEGAS! Zach loves Vegas, and it's growing on me, so it made for a weekend full of laughs and grand company.

The group was a gamble (no pun intended) since not all of us knew each other prior to heading south. But the 5-some a was a perfect combination of people! Everyone was so easy going it was awesome. I kept wanting to go into all these dumb make-up stores and stuff, and no one ever got annoyed or bugged they were just there to have a good time, and that my friends is what we did making fun of each other the whole time. haha

Jenny-ju, Jar-bear, Kell-bell, Zach-attack and Jamie-jam

Happy Birthday Zachy. Jamie and I made him a special cake. haha

Planet Hollywood-Forum Shops, where we ran into my friend Tandem twice. haha small world.

Totally normal people everywhere..

Bellagio: Botanical Garden..Is that what it's called? It was a Chinese holiday

In front of the Bellagio. I love this place.

Birthday babies (Jarad getting jealous in the back ground haha)

J J & K

Max Brenner: Just the best restaurant that I've been to. The food was ridiculously good, the presentation of the food was super creative and unique, the atmosphere was awesome, the company was high quality and the dessert was insanity! Highly recommend this place. It's in Caesar's Palace across from H&M.

The wall of the restaurant

Fun fools and a stinking cute baby.

Peanut Butter and Chocolate fondue. Painful I know.

The famous sign

Zach come back to us..

We had heard the Wynn Buffet was one of the best in Vegas, so we decided to hit it up the next day. The food was just okay especially cause it cost a load of mulah, but at least they had these awesome candied apples that made for some fun pics.

Thanks Jar for the awesome B-day lunch. What a doll.

"Apple people!!" haha!

Jenny & Kell, the next Twilight cover. Which one is immortal?

Luckily they brought out the king crab legs just before we left and made the $40 dollar buffet slightly more worth it. haha I still recommend the Rio.

Fremont Street. In all my many visits to Vegas I had never been to Fremont street. It was a really cool place to visit, fun to see old school LV. There was all sorts of live entertainment artists, break dancers and more.

Ol' Cowboy man.

Go bold, or go home!

Haha this was fun lil' get away. We all know that on a road trip the funnest time is spent IN THE CAR! We had such an awesome time jamming to Britney and Lady Gaga compliments of Jarad. I had to bring it home with some real music though. My ears started to bleed. hehe jk Fun times.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Christmas Festivities

My camera was M.I.A for over a month, but I still wanted to blog about some of my favorite family Christmas festivities even though it's long past.

My favorite Christmas Traditions..

1.BYU vs. Utah game. We are all die-hard Cougar fans. My dad has had season tickets for as long as I can remember. One of our favorite things to do is our BYU/Utah tailgate party. Good food, fun people, good game, and lots of blue! Rah rah rah rah rah!

2. Putting up the tree! I always anticipated putting up the tree growing up, it was always so exciting and loads of fun to help. When I turned into a teen I dreaded it, but now I love it again. haha She always does beautiful trees.

Mine and Kris's tree. I got home from work one day and Krista and my mom had put up our tree. Yay! Nice job guys I love it.

3. Progressive Dinner. My family gets together every other Sunday, for family dinner. Each year on the "Fisher Sunday" before Christmas, we have a Progressive dinner so we can see everyone's Christmas trees and decor. Each fam prepares an appetizer to snack on at their house and we end the night at someone's house with dessert. This year was extra special, we ended at Jed and Hollie's house to find they were preggers!! Congrats you guys, yay for babies. I wish I could just stay home and babysit all my lil' nieces and nephews. That'd be a hoot.

I left my camera at Brady's this night so I didn't get pics of anyone's tree's, but they all put up the most awesome trees.

It says "Baby number 3 July 2011". They just had the stocking up in the middle of their stockings waiting for one of us to notice. It took some serious hint dropping for mom and dad to catch on. When they finally did, my dad cried. haha love him.

RaNae, Nicole, Missy

Hollie and Melissa and me

Down time
Game on time

They loved Brady's train. I adore these lil' stinkers. Luke, Ashton & Tayson.

Dessert. Hollie went all out.

My lil' buddies. They love stealing my phone and writing random people. Sorry if you're a victim of this. haha!

Ashton & Luke love Grandpa to read them stories! They'll sit on his lap for an hour it's adorable.

4. Seeing Santa. Tayson got to see Santa their ward had a Traveling Santa helper that comes right to their house.

5. Candy making day with Grandma. My mom has always been able to make these delicious candies and cakes, so she wanted to show all of us how it's done. It's our newest tradition. We made turtles, pumpkin bread and fudge. It was just the older grand kids, Krista, me and Grandma (mom). We had such a fun time!

4. Christmas Eve party. We have our big family Christmas party on Christmas Eve. We start with an amazing mom-made dinner. Then we have we usually have each family share something with us. A story, a talent, a poem or whatever. Hollie brings bells it's great. Then we open presents. It tends get a bit chaotic with all the gifts and kids, but it's super fun.

Grandpa reading a story.

Some sing-a-long songs

Cute brats. jk Ryan and his family always write a hilarious poem about our progressive dinner events.

Tis the Season. I love my family and Christmas, so it makes for a great time of year!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Concierto's Tres

Ugh! I just spent 2 hours on this post and hit publish and it was gone. Sheesh stupid blogs. Anyway attempt #2 condensed. :)

Fall seems to be the time of year that amazing bands coming to visit the ol' Beehive state. Yeah I know fall is old news, but I tend to get behind on my blogging and these were some goodies that couldn't be forgotten.

One of my favorite chick band ever and on my list of "top 5 must see's" so I was super excited. It was an awesome concert, super low key and small crowd, but it was great. I love their music and LOVE this girls voice. Yowsers!!

Jamie and Me soaking up some Eisley goodness

The band 3 sisters (vocals, guitar, keys, guitar) Brother on drums and a cousin on bass. Talent much?

Ingrid Michaelson

I saw Ingrid a couple years ago in concert and this one blew that show out of the water. It was ridiculous. She used this looping pedal on one of her songs. It's this lil' device that instantly records and playback what you sing. So she'd sing/record a little "doo doo dooooo doo doo" and it would start playing it after she sang it. So she had a vocal accompaniment, then she'd sing another "deeeduumm deeeeedaaah" or whatever and it'd layer her vocal. She did like 12 layers of her voice. I'd never seen this done before, it was incredible! It's on youtube Ingrid Michealson she covers R.E.M's song Nightswimming. Worth a looksie.

From L to R Bess Rogers, Ingrid Michaelson, Allie Moss. All awesome singer/songwriters.

Girls Night! Alisa, Me, Katy

The concert started an hour late and we had to ride the front runner home so we were literally running out of the concert on Ingrids last song to make the train haha. To our surprise it had snowed like 3 inches and and coming down bad. The bad thing it was the last train of the night so we had to make it. We were sloshing/running around in this blizzard trying to make it on time. When we got there the machine wouldn't take our cards or cash so we had no choice but to just get on ticket-less. We crossed our fingers and hoped we wouldn't get checked but we did! haha Luckily that good officer just let us buy our tickets when we got off the train. Thank you officer, I hear that's a hefty fine.

Ryan, Krista, Alisa

Neon Trees
I just heard of this band last year. They remind me a little of Panic at the Disco but cleaner. I thought they'd be fun to see in concert and they were.

Jen, Mike, Me, Jamie, Joel, Jarad

This guy was nuts he broke into a dance like a boy band member a couple times. haha

"I love you Salt Lake City!" hehe

I love music I could go to a concert a week, they're one of my fav things to do. Now if only Counting Crows would come. Sheesh! How long must a girl wait?