Friday, February 25, 2011

Birthday Road Trip

My friendly friend Zach and myself have back to back birthdays, so we decided to high-tale it out of town for a fun get away weekend. Where else would we go but to...LAS VEGAS! Zach loves Vegas, and it's growing on me, so it made for a weekend full of laughs and grand company.

The group was a gamble (no pun intended) since not all of us knew each other prior to heading south. But the 5-some a was a perfect combination of people! Everyone was so easy going it was awesome. I kept wanting to go into all these dumb make-up stores and stuff, and no one ever got annoyed or bugged they were just there to have a good time, and that my friends is what we did making fun of each other the whole time. haha

Jenny-ju, Jar-bear, Kell-bell, Zach-attack and Jamie-jam

Happy Birthday Zachy. Jamie and I made him a special cake. haha

Planet Hollywood-Forum Shops, where we ran into my friend Tandem twice. haha small world.

Totally normal people everywhere..

Bellagio: Botanical Garden..Is that what it's called? It was a Chinese holiday

In front of the Bellagio. I love this place.

Birthday babies (Jarad getting jealous in the back ground haha)

J J & K

Max Brenner: Just the best restaurant that I've been to. The food was ridiculously good, the presentation of the food was super creative and unique, the atmosphere was awesome, the company was high quality and the dessert was insanity! Highly recommend this place. It's in Caesar's Palace across from H&M.

The wall of the restaurant

Fun fools and a stinking cute baby.

Peanut Butter and Chocolate fondue. Painful I know.

The famous sign

Zach come back to us..

We had heard the Wynn Buffet was one of the best in Vegas, so we decided to hit it up the next day. The food was just okay especially cause it cost a load of mulah, but at least they had these awesome candied apples that made for some fun pics.

Thanks Jar for the awesome B-day lunch. What a doll.

"Apple people!!" haha!

Jenny & Kell, the next Twilight cover. Which one is immortal?

Luckily they brought out the king crab legs just before we left and made the $40 dollar buffet slightly more worth it. haha I still recommend the Rio.

Fremont Street. In all my many visits to Vegas I had never been to Fremont street. It was a really cool place to visit, fun to see old school LV. There was all sorts of live entertainment artists, break dancers and more.

Ol' Cowboy man.

Go bold, or go home!

Haha this was fun lil' get away. We all know that on a road trip the funnest time is spent IN THE CAR! We had such an awesome time jamming to Britney and Lady Gaga compliments of Jarad. I had to bring it home with some real music though. My ears started to bleed. hehe jk Fun times.


Kellee Cachoo said...

Don't ask what all the spacing is about. haha I tried to edit it, but it kept posting this way. Me and blogs, I know not how to work them.

The Reid Family said...

Such cute photos. You guys look like you had a blast. You are such a perdy lady in all these pics! If you found a new back to back birthday partner, you're dead to me!

Readable Eatables said...

Why doesn't my blog let me know when you update? Weird. Anyway, FUN. I love the Bellagio and now I want to go try that restaurant, sounds amazing! Next visit.....MINNEAPOLIS! We have cool things too ;)